Breast Cancer (BrCa) represents a complex malignancy intricately intertwined with hormonal factors. Current therapeutic strategies primarily revolve around targeting hormone receptors, which not only guide treatment decisions but also offer insights into disease prognosis. Despite substantial strides in therapeutic innovation, BrCa remains alarmingly prevalent on a global scale, standing as the foremost cause of cancer-related fatalities among women.

Compelling evidence has emerged, underscoring the pivotal role of androgen signaling in the genesis and progression of BrCa. This revelation assumes significance, given that a substantial majority (60-80%) of BrCa tumors express the Androgen Receptor (AR). The AR, traditionally viewed through the lens of male androgen hormone regulation, has now surfaced as a promising avenue for both prognostication and therapeutic intervention in the context of BrCa.

Our research initiative embarks on a multifaceted exploration of AR’s involvement in the pathogenesis of BrCa. Employing an integrated molecular approach, our study seeks to shed light on the potential of AR as a therapeutic target for BrCa. Furthermore, we aspire to contribute to the comprehension of genomic classification and the distinct characterization of BrCa, especially among the diverse population of Indian women.

Through this multifaceted investigation, we endeavor not only to deepen our understanding of BrCa but also to pave the way for more effective treatments and tailored interventions, ultimately offering a ray of hope to those affected by this pervasive and challenging disease.


AwardAwarding agencyTimeline
Reviewer for Frontiers in Oncology JournalFrontiersAugust 2023
Travel grant of 3,000 EUR to attend the Global Bioimaging course in JapanEuropean Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), HeidelbergJuly 2023
Second prize in poster and third prize in the quiz competitionOncovision 2022November 2022
Young Investigator AwardKorean Society of Medical Oncology, South Korea September 2022
Internation Travel grantsSERB, AIIMS CSIR, & DBT, Govt of IndiaMarch-September 2022
MemberEuropean Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)November 2022
Member-in-trainingAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)October 2020
Associate memberAmerican Association for Cancer Research (AACR)July 2020
MemberAmerican Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)September 2020
Junior Research Fellowship (CSIR-JRF) & (CSIR-NET) in Life sciencesCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)June 2018
IELTS Academic overall band score 7.5 (L-8.5, R-8, W-6.5, S-7)British CouncilFebruary 2018
Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) Life SciencesIIT RoorkeeMarch 2017
Merit-cum-Means ScholarshipSouth Asian UniversityAug 2014 – May 2016