Where’s gone my childhood days
Can you bring it back!
You, you, can’t you?
Oh! I am just recalling it.
It was when I was being loved most,
just paddling, waving on the shore,
Collecting insects, butterflies.,
Playing endlessly.
No care, no affair, no prayer.
It was when I was called with my nickname
Chattering, chirruping, kiting,
Spreading the fume of life
I haven’t been to a playschool.
No fight, no plight, no night.
can you bring that very charm?
Now I see
I sleep all alone
Without the stories of fairies and prophets.
kids look at me as if I were a bully.
I am with all ears,
I am also what you are.
At the same time
there is Azaan, dream breaks.
Now I learn,
It is eternal,
One has to face it.
Even after
Dares to look at zero
At this ease of liberty.
Books turn me pale,
Poetry seems elegy,
Scientists are giants,
classes are burning my life.
Which above all
Empties my curiosities and emotions.
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Unknown · February 12, 2013 at 11:04

Its quite good. Seem fantastic and #YES you rock it bro.

Unknown · February 12, 2013 at 11:04

Amazing poem bro..! You rock it.

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