This lovely lad,
drifted from the city of angels,
gently carried away
along with morning breeze
So do I, 
whenever I think of us together,
because deep down I am the one,
to have you.
Though we don’t chat all the time,
on a regular basis,
the memories I have,
of us
side by side
holding hands,
talking nonsense with all sense!
the precious time we spent along with
drives me crazy.
It’s kinda cute how
we were brought together
and by then
I or us
for each other
shoulder to shoulder.
However, the most delighted part
to me is
mine being alone, crying
and I see you smile,
through the pictures;
in your uniform,
draped with the flag,
comforting as always.
of you as my own.
I ponder,
with you my mate,
not only I learnt
the art of being stronger as I am
but also mastered
how to love my country,

more than ever.

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