It is the irony of our society and literature that we imprisoned love in realms of limits. Love can’t be circumferred. It’s always an awful attempt to anchor. Love is splendid, vast and vivid. Our literature is still bound to maternal affection and spread over a streak of affairs of Romeos and Juliets. The love of siblings is sacrificed in the name of such literary acts.
There exists a bond of sharing, a knot of endurance that is felt among the siblings or cousins. The inexpressible phenomenal rearing and caring of emotions!
Tying of Rakhi has been practised in India since time immemorial. There might be a dispute over the fact that who ties to whom? However most part of the nation coincides over the utmost belief as to the sacred thread, the Rakhi is tied by the sister on her brother’s wrist. This emblematizes the sister’s love and prayers for the well-being of her brother. Brother in turn vows to protect her lifelong.
येन बद्धो बलि: राजा दानवेन्द्रो महाबल:।
So, basically, the knotting of a Rakhi is a precursor of strength & security, power and protection against all sorts of evils. Besides siblings there are various emotional ties as well, adhering to the festival which propagates beyond religion, caste & creed.
Time passes, rules metamorphoses, customs are generated. The tradition of tying on the right-hand wrist has been assisted greatly by the Indian Postal Service. Time is money. And that is the root of all evils. At the cost of money, emotions are trafficked.
I hitch up the knot solely. This is the excise of my deeds. As you sow, so you reap. Better to celebrate alone. Sometimes it’s good to be alone despite you’re bad, a devil. Twelve years of schooling, four years of graduation and work until you die. That’s not even close to fair. Still, Bapu quoted ‘work is worship’. Prolonged distance has translated my cerebral machinery to enjoy a good rapport with myself something of which I really can be proud.
Colleges in India provide a rainbow of rakhis on the eve of this festival. The colour-coding may vary from the templates of sisters you can have to the ease with which you are going to afford your relationship. You’re brother-in-law for number of Jijus. Better dissolve the festival in the modern college scenario. The transition phase of Friendship descends you down to the Rakhi day or scale up to Valentine’s Day. Lucky are those who get more bands than Rakhis
Better learn the art of forgiving and empathize with your dreams. Dare to dream and dream to drive your wild imaginations to go crazy.
More bands for you. 
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