Long time no blogs! Okay. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of the year 2022.

I started the year with #APaperADay challenge.

In January, I completed my long-cherished dream of learning the Gurumukhi Script. Now I can read and write (barring some mistakes) in the Gurumukhi script. Hoping to gain more of the language so that I can explore the rich Punjabi literature and culture.

Early February brought the news that my poster is accepted for a poster presentation at the prestigious AACR annual meeting 2022. Late-night email brought a bright smile on an early morning.

Late February was overwhelmingly pleasant to see my Chaddi buddy getting married. I couldn’t be prouder of what a gem of a person he is.

The company of childhood friends and hearty laughter. Life is beautiful.

The ones who have known you for around twenty years.

This marriage trip also brought a short but satisfying pilgrimage to my school which laid the foundation.

Whoaa! 😱 to the smash which Toppo couldn’t even think to pick. 😜

Next comes March. This intensified the struggles with the documentation and getting a US VISA appointment. April had a similar story. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the VISA appointment before the conference and this impeded my desire to attend and present my work at the conference of international repute.

May means Birth month. This calls for the longing for the roots. Blessing in disguise you may call it. I found this awesome place which serves authentic Bihari food in Delhi. Feast on “International Litti Chokha”.

It is said that in June, Delhi leaves earth’s orbit and escalates closer to Sun. To escape this, I voyaged to the Himalayas for a summer shelter.

July engrossed me completely in work. At par with work, I have this urge to arrange my stuff and log it in excel. Here is one such arrangement picture.

In August I boarded my first international flight to Seoul, South Korea. It was an experience of a lifetime to witness the Korean culture and heritage up so close.

At the Korean Society of Medical Oncology’s annual meeting, I presented my research work and was proud to be presented with the Young Investigator award.

The highlight of September was my friend, Deep coming to India after FIVE LOOOOONG YEARS.

America se aaya mera dost. ❤️
Had to wait for eight years to recreate this iconic pose of ours

October had mixed experiences. I honed my cooking skills with pizza, fries, and more.

Laboratory cleaning was therapeutic to the core.

In November both parents underwent medical intervention. This required frequent hospitalization and multiple rounds of OPD clinics. Glad that they are doing fine. Words of appreciation to my supervisor who supported me in this tough time relieving me from research work. His words reverberate in my ears. “Parents are the priority. Take care of them. Everything else is secondary.” Blessed to have his mentorship.

In November, I achieved another academic milestone.

In December, I resumed full-fledged work. Visited a couple of places in Delhi for a picnic.  Fortunate to have family and friends around.

Besides these, some in the family got remarkable achievements. Didi got promoted to Principal of her Inter college. Nirupma achieved several scholarships for symposia and workshops. Happy, Goli, and Siddhu got admitted to their respective courses.

As, someone has said it, “जो मिल गया वह अपना है, जो रह गया वह सपना है।”

Finally, blessed and contented with 2022. Ready to conquer next.

Hello, 2023.

Backdrop from the home

© Tryambak Srivastava

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Varsha · January 1, 2023 at 18:24

Loved it. Asum! My most shining star junior. My kiddy teddy brother.

Sakshi Shukla · January 2, 2023 at 10:39

Love the way you showed your journey through the memories of loved ones.

Avinash Kirti · January 2, 2023 at 12:38

Superb. Lucky to have in the post. Fantastic summarisation of a classic journey. Keep it up 👍🏻

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