The year that was 2023

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The year that was 2023

Let’s take a stroll down the memory lane of 2023, a year that was a beautiful mosaic of personal and professional moments. This year will forever be etched in my memory as the time when I meticulously crafted and submitted the culmination of my years of research – my PhD thesis.  

Exploring Delhi during weekends revealed its historical charm, especially in the vibrant months of January and February. Here are some photographs of such a soul-soothing experience.

Delhi Darshan

The arrival of parents in early February became an interplay of time and memory. A special highlight was guiding my parents through the illustrious Rashtrapati Bhavan and Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya. The twinkle in their eyes was my greatest reward.

Parents at the Rashtrapati Bhavan

Oh, and there’s a quirky video edited by Siddhu capturing the swag of the visit to the Rashtrapati Bhavan. You can check it out here.

A journey back home for Aayu’s Mundan ceremony invoked not just familial bonds but a profound connection to roots. Holding Ruhi and Aayu, I embraced a heartwarming joy filled with laughter.

March brought Uncle Ji and Goli when we visited India Gate, a remarkable structure honouring the braves of the country.

Holi in AIIMS is more than a festival; where it embodies diverse hues of colours beyond academic pursuits. The Holi bash hosted by the director indeed represents this notion.

Holi 2023 with Director sir

In the entrepreneurial venture of Rakesh Bhaiya with his Amul Booth, a chapter unfolded on March 30, 2023. Congratulations bhaiya.

Amul booth inauguration

April ushered into the second trip to South Korea, not just a geographical shift but a cultural also. It offers limited food preferences but the bags were ready.

And these occupied my luggage bags 😜

The cherished destination of Jeju Island in April was breathtakingly beautiful. The enchanting island, a bustling city square, and its hidden treasures could steal any mortal heart with its attraction. This time we visited our long-cherished destination of Jeju Island.

In Jeju-do island on a beautiful day

This place is heavenly and yet not so popular in our part of the world.  Just to provide a context, this is the view of a roadside in a bustling city square. Beautiful. Isn’t it?

Beautiful Jeju even on a roadside

May embraced celebrations as Paddy Bhai embarked on a new journey. Here is us playing Ludo with the groom hours before his marriage. Well, freedom is a luxury and the guy spent his freedom by playing Ludo.

Family visited for a short pilgrimage to Mathura and Vrindavan brought cultural richness, despite the scorching summers. A sunny June day at the Taj Mahal – beautiful picture on a not-so-beautiful sunny June day.

At the Taj Mahal with Family

July unfolded the pages of a Japanese chapter, an EMBL-sponsored course revealing cultural richness.

With coure-mates in Japan

Amidst fellow coursemates, the metaphorical dance of diverse perspectives emerged.

Dance of diversity

Japan, advanced in Science and Technology, became a symbol of innovation. The robot performing cell culture work echoes that progress necessitates a blend of the present and the future.

Among the places we visited, Hiroshima stood as a testament to human resilience, an ode to the indomitable spirit rising from the ashes.

Naman to the people who lost their lives in Hiroshima in 1945

On return, Subhradip sir hosted lunch adding a lovely personal touch – a reminder of the camaraderie that sustains amidst academic endeavours.

Lunch with Lab

August unfolded with the celebration of Rakshabandhan, a festival woven with threads of familial ties. It was overwhelming to have the company of family and friends on that occasion.

Rakshabandhan party 2023

September began with the much-anticipated visit by Lakshmi. While we were engrossed in our thesis writing, it offered moments of relaxation. We had our little chit-chat and usual discussions over exchanging our gadgets. Next time, I will not spare you, Lakshmi.

September’s highlight was Sakshi submitting her thesis – reflecting the culmination of a five-year journey. The smile on her face truly encapsulates the reward of perseverance and dedication. Congratulations!

The thesis submission calls for a celebration.

Among many, this is my favourite. Enjoying recliner view of “The Vaccine War” movie and a great lunch.

Definition of Raj Bhogna 😉

Now that we are talking about food, here is a photograph of me drooling at food.

October ushered in an intensive thesis writing phase. Day in, day out – the writing marathon mirrored life’s relentless pursuit of goals.

Amidst all the ecstasies, here is something worth drooling at – the sight of my thesis getting printed. An academic conquest captured not just in visuals but in emotions. November brought this much-awaited moment.

A photograph with the bosses – not just a frame but a tableau of mentorship.

A photograph with friends – a mosaic of camaraderie and shared pursuits.

Each photograph holds a lesson – mentors and friends, intertwined, shape the narrative of growth.

Early December marked a trip to the USA, where a warm welcome was extended by Dr. Dx. in Manhattan. Here is a photograph of two of us wandering in Central Park – a moment beyond the scientific life, embracing the simplicity of human connections. Thank you Babu bhai for being a great host in New York.

The conference in Texas was a premier forum for the latest advancements in breast cancer research and treatment. I was proud to present my work to an audience of International fame. Here is me posing with my poster.

Deep’s hospitality in the USA reflects a testament to the strength of our relationships. A thank you will not be enough for his warm reception and care all these days.

His lip-smacking Indian cuisine mirrored the essence of home, transcending geographical distances.

A cinematic picture of New York emerged, not just a skyline but a visual narrative of dreams woven into the cityscape.

Upon my return, I was blessed by Prof. Umesh sir who is a source of inspiration to me. Thank you, sir.

Finally, a visit home in December became a pilgrimage to family warmth. A subtle missing of the homecooked food echoes – amidst achievements, the heart yearns for the simplicity of familial love.

So here’s to 2023, a year that painted the canvas of my life with vibrant hues of growth, achievement, and beautiful moments. Bring it on, 2024!

Ready for more adventures and stories.

© Tryambak Srivastava

January 30, 2024

New Delhi

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  1. Varsha Avatar

    Teddy, wow, reading through your reflections on 2023 felt like taking a magical journey. Countless destinations waiting to be explored and stories waiting to be told. Keep writing and inspiring others with your incredible journey!

    1. Tryambak Srivastava Avatar

      Thank you, ma’am, for your kind words. And we will continue to write and share our journeys. 👍👍

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