Celebrating the Guiding Lights on Teachers’ Day: A Journey Through Education

Step into the world of education and gratitude in this blog post. This heartfelt tribute on Teachers’ Day, I’ll introduce you to the incredible mentors who have shaped my academic journey. From the loving wisdom of my grandmother to the inspiring educators during my hostel days to professors and my current mentors at AIIMS. This blog celebrates the individuals who have left an indelible mark on my educational and personal growth. Join me in this nostalgic voyage and celebrate the guiding lights who illuminate our path to knowledge and wisdom.

Prediction is better than cure: prognostication assists in the better clinical management of breast cancer

Jasleen, a young mother of two, had a lump in her breast when she first noticed something wasn’t quite right. Her body suffered as a result of the several therapies she underwent throughout her treatment. Despite the difficulties, Jasleen was committed to fighting the illness, and she had a team of medical experts by her side who gave her the best care. Jasleen finally entered remission following several months of treatment, emerging stronger and more resilient than before. She is an inspiration to anyone experiencing comparable difficulties because of the lessons learned through her journey about the value of early detection, resiliency, and hope.

गाथा एक महामानव की

इस कथानक के महानायक अलौकिक एवं घटनाएँ काल्पनिक हैं। इनकी वास्तविकता से सच्चाई इतनी ही है जितनी परियों की कहानी, जितनी सैंटा क्लॉज़ के उपहार, या फिर हमारे हीरो की इज्जत। कृपया इसे इतर ना लें। यह हमारा अहोभाग्य है कि इस महाप्राण के कदम धरती पर पड़े। अगर आप Read more…