What I know about gifting is a good habit. And gifting a promise stands as no exception to this. Welcome aboard. This is the story of a girl who was the envy of every single ‘X’ gene pool and the boy who dared. Dared to love of course! She kept several rules, he knew no rules. She was strictly time-bound, he was never on time. She has her charming smile; he mastered his adherent words, to raise, to praise and to exaggerate. 

She could feel the aroma which is haunting her over the years. It feels like the idea made a good perception in her mind but failed to bring it under the spotlight of action. The memory of him predominantly rules her cerebral juice. Distance makes the heart grow fonder

The word begins with a vague yet vicious moment when a mild war took place. Typical of a Bollywood movie, for you to say. Barely buddies to enemies then fast friends. 

Chatrooms are seductive! The SMS packs would not let you make it war room. The melody rang over the phone in a couple of days at its melodious best. Glory is fleeting; obscurity is forever- Napoleon Bonaparte. She coated a rainbow of friends and admirers in her very own paradise, yet she needed a brilliance of his monochrome. 

‘‘Dude! This girl looked damn gorgeous today’’. Someone whispered in on a lighter note. A streak of jealousy overpowered him. A jealous lover is a loyal one. But what he was turning then? Risk is rewarding. He tries his luck to express what he has kept latent for so long. And to the popular contrary fortune favours the brave. She too loved the alphabetical order failing his name at last.

Sigh! The Sun of his life dawned brightest past midnight over the cell phone. Needless to mention date and time. 

There are only two perfect moments in one’s life. One when (s)he is born and another when he proves why (s)he was born. Nothing else to cheer about. Had he waited for his chance to come would definitely squeeze himself to insane! We shall conquer the world. 
She was the one who heard his silence. Only she could recognize the momentary smile which faked anguish and deep sorrow within. There is a significant similarity between Faith and love. Neither could be aroused by forceful compulsion.

The society will not accept this.”
She informed.
He insisted. Maintaining the poise and sustaining the hurdles back from society. His way back clash with the almighty derives nourishment again.

Love came, lived, relieved and left. Society married them both off. Not to each other. 

The love descends down to Mariana trench. Assurance is not something their heart demands anymore. You turn deaf to every slur being hurled upon. Eventually, you endorse Gandhiji. First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you but ultimately you win. Smile is a deadly weapon! At least when it comes to camouflage your emotional discomfort.
When love fails, you grow. Need I say more?
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